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W-5: CTV Toronto, Canada, November 1976. (11 minutes). Consultant: James W. Prescott, Ph.D.
Length: 11 minutes

The complete documentary is available online as an MPEG file. You can save the file from your browser (usually by clicking while holding the shift-key) and play it locally with a video player like Microsoft Windows Media Player.

"Violence" MPEG file (37 MB)


Examines violence both in tribal and modern societies and explores Dr. Prescott's S-SAD theory, both the cross-cultural and the neuropsychological aspects. Video documents that palecerebellar decortication eliminated pathological violent behaviors including self-mutilation and permits positive prosocial, affectional and alert behaviors in the adult mother-deprived monkey that was not possible before surgery, thus confirming Dr. Prescott's SSAD theory that the cerebellum has a major role in the regulation of emotional-social behaviors, particularly depressive and violent behaviors.

The CTV reporter goes so far to suggest that prisoners might be best treated with touch therapy rather than with rigid punishment, but that suggestion would be political suicide. Warning: includes explicit medical photos of abused children and a five second clip of the rape scene from "Clock Work Orange".