David Levy in a 1945 study on the "Psychic Trauma of Operations In Children" reported on three cases of male circumcision at ages 12 months (2 cases) and at 6˝ years. Psychological trauma included the development of night terrors, temper tantrums and rage. In the 6˝ year old suicidal impulses developed. Levy reports:

"... a circumcision at the age of 6 years 7 months, was preceded by a struggle of the patient with his father and the anesthetist before they overpowered him. Immediately after the anesthesia wore off, he said over and over, "They cut my penis. I wish I were dead." The rest of the day the patient never left his mother's side. Thereafter his previous temper tantrums developed into destructive rages. During the treatment he played numerous killing games, in which his father was the principal victim. The operation represented a castration by his father." (p. 10).


In: Prescott J.W. (1989).  Genital Pain vs. Genital Pleasure: Why The One and Not The Other?The Truth Seeker, July/August


Given the widespread rituals of the genital mutilation of children, is it so surprising that the first introduction to life of the infant/child is pain and trauma that undoubtedly contributes to the widespread violence on this planet? The brain is being prepared for pain, suffering and violence.


Questions must be raised as to the extent to which rage and suicidal behaviors are engendered by the assaults of circumcision whether conducted during the newborn or child/pre-pubertal periods. (There are approximately a third more suicides than homicides in the U.S.). Is there a link between circumcision and the willingness to kill oneself or others for one's religious/national beliefs, particularly when circumcision occurs at the age of puberty—ritual of passage-- as it does in the Muslim cultures? The willingness of many Muslim men to die or kill for their religious beliefs is well known, e.g. the cases of Salman Rushdie and Sirhan Sirhan may be representative here.


Prescott, J.W (1989). Genital Pain vs. Genital Pleasure: Why The One and Not The Other?The Truth Seeker, July/August 1989, pp. 14-21



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