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The Obstruction, Cancellation, and Cover-Up of The Research: Analysis Denied

What could be gained by such an analysis?

Homicide is the severest form of child abuse and neglect. However, infant/child homicide is harder to detect and identify as consequence of the latter. By tracking infant homicide we are also tracking child abuse and neglect and Somato-Sensory Affectional Deprivation (S-SAD), which is the primary cause behind fatal abuse and neglect. In other words, a timeline that presents infant/child homicide also presents the changes of S-SAD intensity in a country.

On the evaluation and presentation of infant homicide statistics, some points are noteworthy:

First point: The infant and child mortality rates due to homicide are undereported, as general infant and child mortality rates are highly correlated with general homicide rates for the years from 1950-1967.

Second point: These statistical communalities shows systematic increases from 1950 to 1967. My request was to gather data from 1967 to the date of most recent data then available. The conditions of infant/child murder are greater than previously realized, as is child abuse and neglect--those that survive homicide. We now see evidence for this in our current statistics on child abuse and neglect and the admission of health professionals that the past thirty years of child abuse and neglect prevention and treatment programs are a massive failure (See report in Brown University Newsletter). I also demonstrated (statistically) that automotive accidental deaths were due primarily to suicidal impulses rather than homicidal impulses. (see p. 115 in Deprivation of Physical Affection article.)

Also, that infant mortality rates were significantly correlated with car accidents for most years before 1958 and some years after 1958; and general physical assaults from 1940-1967, which were statistically significant and highest with assault for all years measured.

These data provide "National Profiles" not previously reported elsewhere, in this way.